We Are With Ukraine

We Are With Ukraine

Since February, MoveOn members across the country have donated more than $1.1 million to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, supported the push for diplomacy over militarism, and voiced solidarity with the Ukrainian people. THANK YOU for taking action together at this harrowing time. And yet, we know there’s more to do.

The photos from the war in Ukraine, including the attacks on civilians, the miles-long Russian blockade, and families fleeing in fear for their lives, are devastating.

Putin’s aggression—and the death and destruction it is bringing—must continue to be met with serious consequences. That’s why MoveOn members across the country have taken action to support the Ukrainian people and the Administration’s diplomatic efforts to contain and end the war.

Here’s a snapshot of our collective advocacy so far:

  • We’ve raised over $1.1 million for direct relief efforts in Ukraine from World Central Kitchen and United Help Ukraine.
  • Over 160,000 members have signed a petition in solidarity with the Ukrainian people
  • Over 54,000 members have downloaded a “We Are With Ukraine” sign to hang in their community
  • We’ve shared our stories about why diplomacy and peace are important to us, including these highlighted on Instagram and below.

As the war continues to progress, we will continue to find ways to bolster President Biden’s resolve to continue his strategy of de-escalation, diplomacy, and supporting the Ukrainian people. The U.S. has sent defensive weapons and humanitarian aid and has pledged to take in up to 100,000 refugees as the violence continues to displace millions of people.1,2

It is hard to be hopeful as people are suffering—but this strategy to isolate Russia is working. This week, Russia said it would withdraw some troops around the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv to demonstrate they are serious partners in the ongoing peace talks.3 While some pundits and even the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, have called for the U.S. to institute a no-fly zone, that would only escalate the conflict and dangerously bring us closer to a full-blown world war. The New York Times has helpfully laid out why President Zelensky must demand as much as he can from allies to be the best advocate he can be for his people, while recognizing some demands are not aligned with a peaceful end to this war.4

So we must remain vigilant in the pursuit of peace and continue the support for Ukrainians. Please sign the petition in solidarity with Ukraine, and pass it along to your friends.

Thank you for taking action with MoveOn and for the many ways you may be taking action in your own community, from supporting Ukrainian businesses to attending vigils to sharing content on social media.

Wars impede our vision for a world where everyone can thrive. They empower tyrannical rulers, threaten democracy, and waste resources on all forms of death and destruction that rip families and communities apart. Together, we will advocate for our government to continue using diplomacy to find a peaceful end to this war.

Thanks for all you do.


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