Russian module suddenly fires thrusters after docking with space station

Enlarge / Russian “Nauka” module approaches the International Space Station. (credit: Roscosmos) Flight controllers at NASA and Roscosmos averted a disaster on Thursday after a large Russian module docked with the International Space Station and began to “inadvertently” fire its thrusters. The Russian “Nauka” module linked to the space station at 8:30 am CT (13:30 […]

France Tech

Second lab worker with deadly prion disease prompts research pause in France

Enlarge / A pathologist examines brain tissue of a diseased deer. The white circular shapes are the sponge-like holes found with prion-related diseases called transmissable spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs). (credit: Getty | Star Tribune) Five public research institutions in France announced a three-month moratorium on prion research this week, following a newly identified case of prion […]


Historian recreates Thomas Cromwell’s London mansion in exquisite detail

Enlarge / Artist’s reconstruction of Thomas Cromwell’s mansion on Throgmorton Street in 1539, London, England. (credit: Peter Urmston) Tudor England was a treacherous place for ambitious courtiers, as the steady rise and sudden tragic fall of Thomas Cromwell—one of the chief architects of the English Reformation under King Henry VIII—makes clear. Cromwell had just completed […]


A global index to track the health of tropical rainforests

Enlarge (credit: Howard Kingsnorth / Getty Images ) We’ve known for decades that tropical rainforests are special. They’re nearly unrivaled in biodiversity, and research has shown that they absorb more carbon dioxide than any other ecosystem. A recent study showed that the tropics sequester four times as much carbon dioxide as temperate and boreal ecosystems […]