Gabby Petito’s Parents Think The Laundries Have Accidentally Revealed They Know Where Their Son Is: ‘This Was Evil’

If you think Brian Laundrie‘s parents know more than they’re letting on, you are far from alone. The first people suspicious of the family were the first people they refused to help: the parents of Gabby Petito. Ever since before they even filed a police report, Brian was refusing to give any information at all about their […]


Alice Evans Says Titanic Star Ex Ioan Gruffudd ‘Ghosted’ Her — And Hasn’t Spoken To Her In 9 Months!

We’ve seen a lot of celebrity couples recently break up and still remain excellent coparents, putting their children first and even become friends. Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd are NOT one of those couples. As you may recall, Alice revealed back in January that her husband of 13 years, the father of her two daughters, Ella, […]

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Khloé Kardashian Does NOT Allow Adults To Say True Is Getting ‘Big’ — Here’s Why!

Fierce momma bear alert! Khloé Kardashian will protect her daughter True Thompson no matter what! These days, that means helping adults remember to be careful with what they say around the impressionable kid so they don’t unintentionally offend her or worse, cause long-lasting damage to her mental health and body image! On Wednesday, the Good […]