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The Art of Solitude: Buddhist Scholar and Teacher Stephen Batchelor on Contemplative Practice and Creativity

“Here lies the paradox of solitude. Look long and hard enough at yourself in isolation and suddenly you will see the rest of humanity staring back.” “Give me solitude,” Whitman demanded in his ode to the eternal tension between city and soul, “give me again O Nature your primal sanities!” In those primal sanities, we […]

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7 Ways to Style a Breton Jumper This Autumn

I love autumn. Honestly, it is the best season. I could say it’s because I love the colour the leaves change as the weather gets colder. Or that all the festivities, including Halloween, Bonfire Night, Hanukkah and Christmas are all the best events of the year. But really it’s because we get to wear great knitwear again. […]

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These 7 Cult Brands Are Stocked at John Lewis—Yes, Really

If there’s one store that epitomises the longevity and ageless appeal of the Great British high street, it would have to be John Lewis & Partners. We all have our own memories of the institution, whether it’s shopping for school shoes or manically buying scented candles and mugs the day before Christmas. While John Lewis may have a lead role in these nostalgic […]