In 2021, Move On members rose up against injustices and ran inspiring campaigns!

2021 was quite a year, and the work we did together is an inspiration—whether MoveOn members were working locally to stop a toxic pipeline project, holding corporations accountable for profiting off of right-wing conspiracy theories, or helping to keep people in their homes during the global pandemic, we have rallied together in moments of uncertainty […]


The ancient origins of glass

Enlarge / This glass fish was found in a fairly modest private house in Amarna, buried under a plaster floor along with a few other objects. It may once have contained ointment. (credit: Trustees of the British Museum) Today, glass is ordinary, on-the-kitchen-shelf stuff. But early in its history, glass was bling for kings. Thousands […]


Will glow-in-the-dark materials someday light our cities?

Enlarge / Daan Roosegaarde is the artist behind the glow-in-the-dark Van Gogh fietspad (bike path). (credit: Daan Roosegaarde, CC BY-SA 3.0) Around the year 1603, Italian shoemaker and amateur alchemist Vincenzo Casciarolo tried smelting some especially dense stone he had found on the slopes of Mount Paderno, near Bologna. No gold, silver, or other precious […]


Amazon gives Alexa some more patience

Take your time. It may be common for your kids, partner, and coworkers to tune you out, but shouldn’t your virtual assistant be different? Amazon Alexa will now practice a bit more patience with users, thanks to a Tuesday update that makes the service wait longer for a person to finish speaking commands before it […]