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Weight Loss Influencer Lexi Reed Fighting For Life In Hospital After Her ‘Organs Started Failing’

Weight loss influencer Lexi Reed has been fighting for her life in the hospital, and now her husband Danny Reed is opening up about her terrifying battle.

The 31-year-old content creator is currently in the hospital and attempting to get “back to health” after she was placed in a medically-induced coma one month ago. Her significant other revealed the scary situation on her Instagram account (on which she’s known as fatgirlfedup), telling followers on Thursday that Lexi first grew ill several weeks ago:

“A few weeks ago Lexi kept getting sick and couldn’t keep any food down. She then started acting differently so I took her to the hospital where they admitted her into ICU, placed on a medically induced comma, on a ventilator, and [told] me that her organs started failing.”

Oh no! What is going on??

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The doctors also informed Danny that he brought her in just in time. He revealed:

“They said if I waited another day to take her she could have died.”

Lexi has been in the hospital for a month now. While she is awake, she’s still very sick. It’s unclear what her diagnosis even is at this time, but Danny added of her recovery process:

“She is currently in dialysis, can’t walk, and working on recovery. Getting her back to health has been our top priority.”

Unfortunately, the couple does not have insurance, so he is pondering the idea of starting a GoFundMe to support medical costs. Nothing has been created at this time, but keep an eye on Lexi’s IG page (below) for a possible link if you’re hoping to help. Danny concluded his update by stressing:

“Thank you all for your prayers they all mean so much to us and this will be a long hard battle part of her story but she is strong!”

See his full update (below).

Danny also included a few videos of Lexi’s injuries on her IG Story — screenshots you can take a look at here:

Weight Loss Influencer Lexi Reed Hospitalized After Her 'Organs Started Failing'
(c) Lexi Reed/Instagram

Wow… We hope she recovers soon!

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Lexi first rose to fame in 2016 as she documented her and Danny’s weight loss journey online. She lost an impressive 312 lbs. while he dropped 95 lbs. During People’s 2018 Half My Size issue, the influencer shared:

“A friend challenged us to 30 days of no eating out, cheat meals, soda or alcohol. We started cooking, meal prepping, tracking our calories and reading nutrition labels.”

Over two years, they lost a combined 407 lbs., though that isn’t what she’s most grateful for. She expressed:

“It wasn’t about the weight that we lost but the life we gained.”

Great perspective! That same year, she also underwent skin removal surgery which took off 7 lbs. of skin from her stomach. She planned to have more removed in the future. Like many, Lexi struggled with her weight during the coronavirus pandemic, admitting that she gained some of her weight back. She never lost her commitment to living a healthy lifestyle and told followers in September:

“Despite gaining some of that weight back I’m still happy to be alive after fearing I’d miss 30 and I’ll never go back to where I was.”

We’re wishing her well in the hospital and hope she feels better as soon as possible!! Sending positive and healing vibes!

[Image via Lexi Reed/Instagram]

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