Demi Lovato Reflects On Frozen Yogurt Controversy: ‘I Let My Emotions Get The Best Of Me’

Demi Lovato is still evolving as a public figure — and that means some growing pains.

The singer has shared a lot with the world over the last few months, including details of their harrowing overdose, their recent embrace of being queer and their nonbinary identity, and advocacy of many causes that are important to them — including struggling with their eating disorder. And while the road to this freedom of expression has clearly been a joyful one for Demi, there’s been some minor speed bumps along the way.

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Take, for instance, the fro-yo dust up from back in April. As we previously reported, the former Disney star called out LA frozen yogurt shop The Bigg Chill on Instagram for being “#DietCultureVultures.” The shop refuted their claim, and the story got spun that Demi, a huge celeb with a large following, was targeting a small business.

The Sorry Not Sorry artist apologized, but maintained their position about calling out harmful messaging around food. On Thursday, during an interview with Audacy Check In, Lovato reflected on the incident, admitting:

“Every time I’ve made a statement over Instagram or Twitter, I felt like it’s gotten lost in translation a little bit.”

Speaking about the fro-yo feud specifically, they explained:

“It was me talking about something I was very passionate about pertaining to the diet culture, and I realized that because I was so passionate… I let my emotions get the best of me and it didn’t allow me to explain where I was coming from as easily as it would have been on a podcast.”

Now Demi has a new platform to share their thoughts — their podcast, 4D With Demi Lovato. They remarked:

“I just thought going forward, I want to have conversations where people can see my face, they can hear my voice and they can see that I’m still learning as well as the rest of the world.”

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The Will & Grace alum added:

“I’m by no means an expert on many, many things. But, I’m willing to learn about it and I’m willing to continue to have conversations that either educate me or others on how to make the world a better place.”

We know Demi has the best of intentions, and when you’re putting as much of yourself out there as they have, there’s bound to be moments of mistakes and imperfections. We do hope they’re more careful about how they approach their advocacy in the future, but their voice is definitely an important one in the conversation about disordered eating. We look forward to seeing how Demi champions the cause in the future.

Ch-ch-check out more of their Audacy Check In conversation (below):

[Image via Demi Lovato/YouTube]

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