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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Former Right-Hand Woman Calls Out ‘Toxic’ Goop Cleanses That ‘Distorted’ Her Body Image!

Uh oh! One of Goop’s former employees is calling out the wellness company for negatively impacting the way she viewed her body! Elise Loehnen, who used to be Gwyneth Paltrow’s second-in-command, left her position as chief content officer at Goop in October 2020 to write a book and start her podcast Pulling the Thread. But […]

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Euphoria Actress Chloe Cherry Reveals Porn Gave Her An Eating Disorder!

Chloe Cherry is one of several young actors to really pop on Euphoria, but did you know that before the career-making role as drug addicted prostitute Faye she was a very different kind of performer? She got her start at just 18 years old as an adult film actress, making over 200 films in about […]

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Channing Tatum Says Being In Magic Mike Shape Isn’t Actually Healthy

Even Channing Tatum thinks it’s too hard to look like Channing Tatum! The Dog star (and first-time co-director) stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show last week to talk about his new movie, but Kelly Clarkson had to ask about Magic Mike 3! The trilogy ender, which is disappointingly named Magic Mike’s Last Dance and not Magic Mike XXX, was announced last […]

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Biggest Loser Couple Has Weight Loss Surgery Together After Gaining Over 350 LBs After Show

Biggest Loser couple Jessica Limpert and Ramon Medeiros are inviting fans back into their weight loss journey. The pair made a splash when they fell in love competing on the show’s 12th season back in 2011. Following their success story, they spent some time working as celebrity trainers at the Biggest Loser resorts and ended […]

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Top Chef Star Reveals 40-Lb Weight Loss In Shirtless Pics — How Did He Do It??

Gregory Gourdet is getting real about his “pandemic weight journey”! The Top Chef finalist has revealed he went from weighing 212 to 172 pounds in a matter of months in some before-and-after pictures posted to Instagram on Tuesday. Wow! But how did he do it? Fortunately, he spilled his secrets on how he accomplished losing […]


Spider-Man Actor Jacob Batalon Opens Up About His 100 Lb Weight Loss Journey!

He may play Spider-Man’s right hand man on screen, but Jacob Batalon didn’t need a web-slinging superhero to help him get in fighting shape! In a recent interview with Men’s Health, the Spider-Man: No Way Home star opened up about what sparked his journey to lose 112 pounds over the course of the last two […]

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Rebel Wilson Reveals Who Was AGAINST Her Weight Loss Journey

Rebel Wilson ’s “ Year of Health” in 2020 was transformative — but not everyone approved. The actress has shared many details about her weight loss journey. Because she checked in with fans so frequently on social media, we basically saw her transformation happen right before her eyes. But while she was communicating good health […]

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Rebel Wilson Reveals 4 Healthy Habits She Adopted To Help Keep The Weight Off

Rebel Wilson is a true fitness success story. After her Year of Health, in which she lost nearly 80 lbs, she didn’t “gain back any of the weight,” as she told Today over the weekend. In fact, she’s even lost “a few extra pounds” in 2021! How did she manage that? Without even trying, apparently. Related: […]

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Ree Drummond Reveals ‘Rock Bottom’ Moment That Led To Her 60-Pound Weight Loss

The Pioneer Woman is opening up about the moment that sparked her lifestyle change. While Ree Drummond credits the start of her weight loss journey to many things, including her daughter’s wedding and the girl husband and nephew’ s terrible crash on her farm , she revealed to Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday that it was […]

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Khloé Kardashian Getting DRAGGED For Resurfaced ‘Fatphobic’ 2019 Interview!

Khloé Kardashian is being BLASTED online for old comments she made during a 2019 podcast interview that have recently resurfaced. The comments were first re-revealed in a short video clip that has been making the rounds on TikTok over the past week, going viral as it shows the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star seemingly criticizing out-of-shape […]