Jodie Turner-Smith Recalls The ‘Special Trip’ Where She Fell In Love With Her Hubby Joshua Jackson!

Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson will forever have a “special” place in their hearts for one tropical hot spot. Why? Apparently, it was where they first fell in love with each other!

The 35-year-old Anne Boleyn actress opened up about her and her hubby’s deep connection with The Bahamas in an interview with AnOther Magazine published on Wednesday, recalling how it was the first place they vacationed together as a couple:

“The Bahamas have a really special history for me and Josh, because this was the first place we came together. You know how it is, when you meet someone, it’s like, are you going to take me on holiday? That’s how I know you’re serious.”

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The couple had a jam-packed work schedule, so they had to postpone their vacation together at first. But when Joshua and Jodie finally made it to the destination, the model said that is where their relationship really took off:

“We were both working, so we had to wait a little bit. And then we went to the Bahamas and it was this really special trip because we were falling in love with each other but not wanting to say that yet. And I remember he rented this boat and took me on a tour of the Exumas. That’s why we came straight to the Exumas this time. And when we were on this boat ride, the captain kept saying, ‘you guys are going to make a baby out here and you’re going to call it Exuma.’”

It turns out the captain of the boat’s prediction was correct, well, except for their daughter’s name! LOLz! Jodie, who got hitched to the Dawson’s Creek alum in December 2019, gave birth to their baby girl Janie Jackson in April 2020. Now, they have returned to The Bahamas with their little to experience the place where their love blossomed:

“And now we’ve brought our daughter here. It’s really special to be here together.”

Awww!!! So sweet!

Speaking of their daughter…

The Last Ship alum also admitted that while she loves her life, she thinks fame can be “unnerving” at times, especially because she finds her popularity comes from how long Joshua has “been famous.” Therefore, Jodie wishes to shield Janie from the public eye “for as long as I can.” She explained:

“I love my life and I’m so grateful for all of the bounties that it provides. It definitely is a little bit unnerving, fame, especially because a lot of my fame comes from the fact that my husband’s been famous for a long time and I’m a Black woman married to him. As I said, political body. That is a story for people. And that is not what my daughter chose. I want to protect her from that for as long as I can and not let the more negative elements of that affect her. I just want her to feel like a grounded human being, as grounded as one can be when you grow up wealthy.”

Janie will surely appreciate it in the future…

Wow. Joshua and Jodie have such a beautiful love story, huh, Perezcious readers?! And it is amazing they brought their kiddo to see where it all began. Reactions? Let us know in the comments! You can also ch-ch-check out Jodie’s entire interview with AnOther Magazine HERE.

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