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21 Easy-to-Copy Hairstyles I’m Totally Obsessed With

It can be very easy to fall into a hairstyle rut, particularly if you’re rushing around in the mornings and your hair just isn’t playing ball. We often spot incredible hairstyles on our feeds, but when it comes to replicating them in real life, they can prove challenging. While they may look easy, they often take an age to do or are so complicated and fiddly that they leave us throwing down our hair tools in a huff. 

That being said, it can be handy to have a couple of go-to looks that you can effortlessly default to when your look needs an update. Thankfully, we’ve spied lots of easy to copy hairstyles (that don’t require a hairdressing qualification) on our feeds that you can do in five minutes or less. They’re that easy—and they look pretty chic too. 

Simply tie your hair into a low pony and tie a bow into your hair with ribbon. Done! Tuck your lengths behind your ears to show off your earrings.

Experiment by matching or clashing your ribbon with your outfit.

It’s the age-old question: Hair up or down? This hairstyle lets you have the best of both. We love how Hailey’s slicked half-ponytail makes for a great evening look.

This look also works well if you have a fringe. Experiment with wearing the ponytail higher or lower on your head. It can easily be transformed for day or nighttime.

Mix up your usual bun by letting the ends poke out. We love this ’90s spiky bun on Charithra Chandran. 

No matter your hair length or texture, a hairband elevates your look. These splurgy headbands practically style your hair themselves.

Not just for Blair Waldorf or Clueless’ Alicia Silverstone, a plain black headband will always tie your look together.

An instant update to your everyday ponytail. Simply tie your hair up as you usually would and plait three sections of hair together before securing with a hair tie. We love this unexpected half-plaited ponytail.

For a more relaxed daytime take, plait your hair into a low side ponytail. 

When in doubt, a bun is always a hairstyle winner. We’ve even coined it the style of 2022. These tend to hold better on second or third-day hair, so save this style for after your wash day. 

Experiment with the placement on your bun to switch it up. We love a bun placed at the nape of the neck. Alternatively, if you want to wear it higher up on your head, follow the line of your cheekbones diagonally to find the most flattering placement.

Curls and coils look chic piled on top of the crown.

Switch it up by leaving a couple of tendrils to frame your face.

If you’re yet to join in on the claw-clip hairstyles, now is the time. Perfect for throwing hair up, they can give something extra to a messy bun.

If your hair is thick or long, opt for a larger claw clip that will hold your hair in place more easily.

Upgrade your ponytail by adding some curls or waves to the lengths. We love how Charithra’s ponytail sits high up on the crown before cascading down.

This looks equally stylish when tied lower at the nape of the neck.

Perfect for warmer weather when you might want your hair out of your face, a topknot style is practical and stylish, especially paired with an off-the-shoulder top.

Changing your hairstyle can sometimes be as simple as changing up your parting. If you usually wear a middle parting, why not flip it to one side? To find the best parting, follow the highest point of your eyebrow up towards your hairline—that is the most flattering place to part your hair. 

Try adding clips to your hairstyle to instantly refresh your look. We love Nay’s start-studded coils. 

For days when not even dry shampoo can save you, a hair scarf always adds glamour to your look whether your have a short hairstyle or longer lengths.

A good hair oil keeps curls hydrated and bouncy while adding lustre to lengths.

Keep slick buns in check with a hair pomade, as it will lock down any flyaways or edges. 

A flexible hairspray will give your style longevity but can easily be brushed out for second-day style switch-ups.

Silk hair ties are gentler on hair, helping to prevent damage.

A paddle brush will be your trusty go-to for detangling hair before styling.

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