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Pro Tennis: World Court Is The Next Ace In The Arcade Archives Line-Up

A forehand winner for the collection.

It’s our weekly Wednesday update on the Arcade Archives series. Except for last week, when the magic happened on Thursday. Golden Week, hey? This week, we’ve got something a bit different for Hamster’s series; after weeks of shumps, platformers, racers, and puzzle games, we have a sports game coming to the eShop — Pro Tennis: World Court.

Pro Tennis: World Court is a pretty typical tennis game that smashed into Japanese arcades back in 1988. You can either play against a friend in a 1 v 1 match, or play with them and play doubles against a CPU team. All the standards of tennis are here, such as faults, no balls, deuces (which you can turn off) — the lot! And the eventual PC Engine port added an RPG mode, but we won’t be getting that as part of tomorrow’s rerelease, sadly.

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