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Ex-Retro Studios Devs Laud Metroid Prime’s Camera System

“You never lose sight of Samus”.

In a recently video compilation from YouTuber KIWI TALKZ, a group of ex-Retro Studios developers spoke about the late Mark Haigh-Hutchinson, a LucasArts alumni who was in charge of the camera system for the Metroid Prime games. Mark sadly passed away in 2008 from pancreatic cancer and his former co-workers had a lot to say about his remarkable contributions to the franchise.

Mike Wikan, who served as Senior Game Designer at Retro Studios, describes Mark as a “legendary programmer” and “easily the most capable programmer” he’s ever worked with. In the interview, Mike goes on to laud Mark’s work on Metroid Prime’s camera system – specifically during Morph Ball sequences – stating that “you never lose sight of Samus”:

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