Wi-Fi 7 home mesh routers poised to hit 33Gbps

Wi-Fi 7 home mesh routers poised to hit 33Gbps

Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson / Getty)

It’s looking increasingly likely that Wi-Fi 7 will be an option next year. This week, Qualcomm joined the list of chipmakers detailing Wi fi 7 products they expect to be available to homes and businesses soon.

The Wifi Alliance, which makes Wi-Fi standards and includes Qualcomm as a member, has said that Wireless internet 7 will offer a max throughput of ” at least 30Gbps , ” and on Wednesday, Qualcomm said its Network Pro Series Gen 3 platform will support “up to 33Gbps. ” These are theoretical speeds that you likely won’t reach in your home, and you’ll need a premium broadband connection plus Wi-Fi 7 devices, which don’t exist yet. Still, the speeds represent an impressive jump from Wireless 6 and 6E’s 9. 6 Gbps.

The next-gen tech is aimed at network-intensive applications, like virtual and augmented reality, video streaming at 4K and higher, and cloud computing and gaming. By making changes in order to the physical (PHY) layer in addition to medium access control (MAC), Wi-Fi 7 should allow you to be able to enjoy these applications with less latency and jitter.

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