Made In Mexico Star Suffers Convulsions After Nasty Horse Riding Accident!

Horse riding is no joke!

Liz Woodburn made that clear when she took to her Instagram Stories to share footage from — and the aftermath of — a recent horseback riding accident, in which she and her horse, Geke, were badly injured.

One of the clips shared by the Made in Mexico star showed the moment the accident went down: as Geke tried to jump across a corner fence, the horse tripped on the tallest bar and fell, sending the 33-year-old star flying into the ground.

The Netflix star recounted:

“I was unconscious and convulsing for 3-4 minutes. Upon regaining consciousness I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance with Carlos by my side.”

OMG, so scary!

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Thankfully, Liz’s injuries were “purely superficial.” She continued, sharing an image of her face covered in bruises and scrapes:

“After many tests over 2 days including CT scans, MRIs & X-RAYs I can say I feel nothing more than blessed and thankful to God for my life… I am lucky that my injuries appear to be purely superficial. In the following days I’ll be sharing my profound gratefulness for the safety equipment that protected my life.”

So unbelievably lucky! As for Geke, Liz said the horse suffered “minor physical injuries to her neck and back.”

For those who don’t know, the food blogger had only recently jumped back in the saddle (literally) after giving birth to her son Charlie, whom she shares with husband Carlos Olson, in August 2021.

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She shared a video of herself and Geke training back in February, making it clear that the pair were taking things “slowly.” She captioned the post:

“Practice this week with Geke. Slowly but surely we are getting back in shape postpartum, rebuilding confidence and trust! Excited for a big year ahead!”

Check out the photo (below) to see the aftermath of Liz’s nasty spill:

Liz Woodburn posts about her injuries
(c) Liz Woodburn/Instagram Stories

Very ouch.

As fans know, Liz became part of the Made in Mexico when she followed Carlos to Mexico City and became friends with the cast. The pair were already engaged during the show, but Carlos re-proposed on one of the episodes during a helicopter ride. The two got married in September 2018, right as the series dropped.

We wish her a speedy recovery!

[Image via Liz Woodburn/Instagram]

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