Jamie Lynn Spears’ Baby Daddy’s Sister Tells All — Alleges Abuse, Bashes ‘Pathological’ Lies In Her Book, & More

Here’s another side of the Jamie Lynn Spears story… from her ex’s family.

The actress talked a lot about her ex Casey Aldridge (whom she calls “Casper”) in her book Things I Should Have Said. Casey is the father of her daughter Maddie, whom she gave birth to when she was only 16 years old. No doubt that was a difficult time for the young Nickelodeon alum, but Casey’s sister Ashley Aldridge Havard remembers things a lot differently than JL described in her memoir.

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In fact, in a new interview, Ashley doesn’t have many good things to say about her almost-sister-in-law. She told Popcorned Planet:

“Jamie Lynn Spears is a pathological liar, yes. She lies about things that are important, and she lies about things that are not important. She literally is a pathological liar. … I’ve known Jamie Lynn since she was 15, you know. I definitely know that confidently.”

She went on to call the momma of two a narcissist, adding:

“She’s greedy. She’s very greedy. No money is enough money. … She feeds off of those things. She needs people to like her, she needs people to give her that attention. She wants people to feel sorry for her for some reason. I don’t know what it is, but she does have that desperate need for all of those things. And I think that’s where her greediness comes from too, because it takes money to be in the spotlight like she wants to be in the spotlight.”


Those are some harsh words. And Ashley had some pretty shocking observations about Jamie Lynn’s relationship with sister Britney Spears, too:

“No, I absolutely don’t believe she cares about Britney. She’s always talked about Britney as if Britney was aggravating to her. … She would just say stuff like, ‘I hope Britney doesn’t make a scene.’ You know, ‘They gave her her medicine so maybe she won’t act crazy.’”

Specifically, Ashley recalled that the pregnant teen didn’t want her “baby shower to be disturbed” by her older sister. Remembering the occasion, Ashley dished:

“I actually got the vibe that broke my heart, honestly, because Britney seemed so sad. She just seemed so, so sad. You could tell she was trying to play it off a little bit. She was still trying to be supportive and be there for her sister. But she seemed really really sad. And to this day I still wish I would’ve asked her, is she okay.”

She also cast some serious doubt on the Zoey 101 star’s claim that she didn’t know anything about the conservatorship:

“If she’s not behind it, she knows every single thing. I guarantee you, she knows everything about it, whether she did it or not. … That’s what I think. But I don’t know how far she would take it. I don’t put it past her though.”

As for her own brother’s relationship with his ex and daughter, Ashley asserted that Casey was a “great father” and “great uncle,” explaining:

“She acts like Casey just disappeared and abandoned Maddie, and that is not what happened. Actually, what happened was she made him get out of Maddie’s life. I mean, she wouldn’t answer the phone, she wouldn’t let Casey see Maddie. And then she also did the same thing for us. He did not abandon her. … That’s one of the lies.”

One of the weirder (alleged) lies from the book? The Netflix star continuously referring to her former fiancé as “Casper.” According to his sister:

“He’s never, ever been called Casper. That’s not a nickname. As soon as we saw that, we were like ‘Where did that come from?’ Literally. But I personally think that it was a dig on Casey. Like, I think that she’s calling him Casper, she’s saying like, he’s a ghost to them. That’s just my theory. But just knowing Jamie Lynn, and how her mind is, I think that’s why she did that.”

She also alleged that not only was her brother “not a cheater,” but that “the opposite was actually true.” She claimed to have a “credible source” that revealed Jamie Lynn was cheating on Casey while pregnant with someone Ashley had known “for a long time.” She even went so far as to accuse the 30-year-old of abuse:

“She physically abused Casey on several different occasions. She was very rageful. She would get angry any time she didn’t get her way. … She hit him with a lamp one time, she got mad at him at Britney’s condo in Destin, and she hit him with his belt several times. …I don’t think it was anything huge, just regular fights… it just turns dark very fast.”

WOW. That is a HUGE revelation if true. It also echoes some of the things Jamie Lynn herself wrote about her mom Lynne Spears and their parents’ relationship. How awful.

Ashley talked at length about her family’s heartbreak over the loss of their relationship with Maddie. She shared that her brother hadn’t seen his daughter in two years, claiming Jamie Lynn cut off all contact with the entire family. (When Casey’s family was around, Ashley felt that JL looked at them with “hatred in her eyes”: “It was always just like, ‘Ugh, they’re here.’”)

She stated multiple times that Casey’s substance abuse never put Maddie in any danger, and that he was shut out even when he was “actually doing really well.” And speaking of his addiction issues, Ashley alleged that the former child star “never participated in Casey getting help” while they were together. She said:

“Casey was trying to get help, I mean, he has definitely gotten help. But at the time, he was trying to get help, when they were together, and she never participated, even whenever asked by the counselors at the rehab facility. You know, they told her it would be good if you would come, you know, and learn more about it and learn how this works and get counsel together. She refused to be any part of his recovery process.”

She went on:

“And not only that, but every time he would try to go somewhere to get help, she would actually have him served with papers. She had court documents delivered to him while he was in rehab, and once at the hospital. So she’s just very calculating, and whenever Casey was vulnerable and needed her the most, she refused to be there, while they were together. And then whenever they weren’t together, she would literally try to mess with him more by waiting ‘til he was sent to a rehab or something to literally send court documents. He got his adoption documents whenever he was in a rehab facility.”

Regarding the adoption — in which their daughter became “Maddie Watson” instead of Aldridge — Ashley explained that her brother was coerced into signing away his rights because he couldn’t pay his child support after experiencing a pay cut at work. In her words, he was faced with the option to either go to jail or agree to the adoption, so he eventually conceded. She reiterated that he never gave up on the relationship, and speculated that Maddie had been pressured into accepting the adoption:

“I definitely think that she was being fed, because that doesn’t sound like Maddie at all. That doesn’t sound like something Maddie would do. Like you said, a 9 year old is not really concerned about that type of stuff anyway. But even if she was, I do know that Maddie felt pressure from them to change her name to Watson. And so she asked them, could I change my name to have both last names. She wanted to know if she could have Aldridge and Watson. And they told her no. That she could change it to Watson but she couldn’t have both. … Most likely… her mom probably gave her a guilt trip about it, so she was probably just like, ‘okay fine.’ That’s probably what happened.”

Wow. If that’s true, it’s pretty sad. We should note that in Jamie Lynn’s book, she wrote that the adoption itself was Maddie’s idea, so we can’t know for sure how exactly it went down. Ashley had some other hot takes on the Spears clan, including Lynne and Jamie Spears. Regarding the parents’ dislike of Casey, she mused:

“Miss Lynne, I never knew that she wasn’t a fan. She always acted like she just loved Casey, and… hoped that everything would work out for them. And no matter what happened, that she just wanted the best for Casey. That’s all Miss Lynne ever told us. So that’s news to me. But as far as Mr. Jamie goes, they did get into it a few times, just over his behavior. Because whenever he starts drinking, Mr. Jamie starts drinking, he apparently gets just a little bit crazy. So I think it was a couple altercations happened because of that. … I would rather him not be around Maddie at all. Especially after I heard what he did to Britney’s child.”

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Of the mysterious Lou Taylor, Britney’s business manager and a major player in the Spears drama, Ashley dished:

“Miss Lou was like, the one who made all of the decisions. Whatever miss Lou said that you needed to do is what you needed to do. And if Miss Lou called and said that you needed to do something different, than thats what you did. I do have one example I thought of. Whenever Casey and Jamie Lynn bought the house in Liberty, Casey wanted to go to, obviously, he wanted to go to the house signing. Because they bought it with the money that they made with the OK Magazine cover that they did when Maddie was born. So they bought it together with the money that they both made. And Miss Lou told him that he didn’t need to go. Like, she refused to let him go… to the house signing. And whenever Jamie Lynn sold the house, we figured out why: it was because they didn’t even put it in Casey’s name, and he never got a dime from it. But Miss Lou was orchestrating that. That’s an example of her power, I guess you would say.”

Asked if she had a message for her niece, Ashley said:

“Maddie, your daddy did not disappear. He did not abandon you. And I wanna tell you that he’s still waiting on you, and that we’re all still here. We all still love you. Meemee and Pawpaw are waiting on you. I’m waiting on you. Carter, Callie Joy, and Skyler misses you so much. We all do. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through. But I just need you to know that none of this is your fault. And no matter what it is or when it is, just know that we are always here for you no matter what you need. That’s what I need her to know. Nobody has abandoned her, and we are still here just waiting and praying that things will change.”

And as for what she would say to Jamie Lynn, she gave this fiery reply:

“How could you take, not only the time that you’ve taken away, that we’ve lost with Maddie, how could you just take that from us? And not only the time, but the relationship. Because she ruined the relationship by ripping her out of our lives, and whatever she told her. And I just wanna say how could you? How could you? I wish that you could feel the same pain and see the tears that we’ve cried over this child. But I know that I could say anything to Jamie Lynn and it would not matter. Jamie Lynn just doesn’t realize that she does wrong. Or if she does, she will never admit it. But that’s what I would say to her: How could you?”

Wow. So many people are weighing in on the stories from Jamie Lynn’s book, it’s hard to know who to believe. One thing’s for sure – she’s definitely burned a lot of bridges.

Check out the full interview for yourself (below):

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