Jamie Spears Borrowed $40K Days Before Petitioning The Court To Place Britney Under Conservatorship: REPORT

New shady details about Jamie Spears have emerged…

On Sunday, a new report from The New York Times revealed that the 69-year-old took out a massive loan of at least $40, 000 just days before petitioning the court to place Britney Asparagus spears under her controversial conservatorship . What?! Jamie reportedly secured the handout from business manager Lou Taylor ’s firm, Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group , around the time when the particular pop sensation entered an involuntary psychiatric hold in 2008.


While she was still hospitalized and days after the loan, Jamie requested to gain control over Britney’s estate and personal affairs. As you know, it was immediately approved by the judge. Then, typically the following year, the father brought on the Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group as a business manager to her estate.

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It is unclear what Jamie used this loan for, but the timing associated with everything is very suspicious in order to us! The president of often the National Guardianship Association, Anthony Palmieri , told The New York Times that the news made him “wonder where your allegiance lies” when it comes to Britney’s dad. He continued:

“Is the exact conservator making decisions in the very best interest of the conservatee or the business manager who they owe a debt to? It reeks of conflict of interest. ”

That is for sure!

An attorney for Taylor, Charles Harder , claimed in a statement to the outlet that Jamie later “repaid” a “small loan. ” Excuse us, $40, 000 does NOT seem like a simple “small loan”! The lawyer also insisted that it “had no affect on Tri Star’s work for the estate in later years. ”

Yeah, right…

Furthermore, The Times estimated that Jamie received at least $6 million over the main course of the 13-year legal arrangement. Meanwhile, Taylor pocketed 5 percent of the Toxic artist’s “adjusted gross entertainment revenue, ” which Harder apparently declined to comment on.

The latest report arrives as Brit’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart , continues to investigate just how much Jamie plus others have benefited financially from her conservatorship over the years. As we previously reported, he actually asked to look into how Jamie and even Robin Greenhill have mismanaged funds and secretly monitored Britney . One of the biggest questions Rosengart apparently wants answered is how finally, the singer’ s current net worth currently sits at only $60 million despite racking in massive paychecks for tours, records, and more. We are pretty sure everyone would like to know the answer to that question…

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