Google Play website gets its first redesign in years, looks like a big app

The new Play Store website design. It looks just like the Android app.

Enlarge / The new Play Store website design. It looks just such as the Android app. (credit: Android Police )

The Google Play website is getting a long-overdue redesign. Android Police was the first to spot the dramatic new look. It’s not exactly official yet but is rolling out to several people.

While the Play Store app on Google android devices is continually updated, the particular website has mostly been forgotten. The current Google Play website design dates back to 2013 . The site has had some small tweaks since then, but the bones of the site are still eight years old, and it presents content in a card motif that Google has moved on from. The new website looks just like the Android app. That means lots of whitespace and a layout focused on app icons and video thumbnails.

Back in 2013, Google envisioned typically the Play Store as a one-stop shop for all content from Search engines. At the peak of its powers, the Play Store sidebar had six sections: Apps (and Games), Movies & TV, Music (and podcasts), Books, Magazines (and News subscriptions), and even the physical “Devices” section for Nexus phones . Today, Google Play is a new lot less powerful. Music has been taken from Google Play Music and is now a YouTube product. Podcasts now live at Yahoo Podcasts and will probably also be used over by YouTube in the future. YouTube plus Google Play Movies & TV currently overlap, since they both sell premium Hollywood video content material. On some platforms, like Smart TVs , Google is shutting down this Play section in favor of YouTube. Devices are now sold at often the standalone Yahoo and google Store website.

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