New World disables wealth transfers as item dupes ruin in-game economy

Artist's conception of <em>New World</em> players watching their in-game investments explode.

Enlarge / Artist’s conception of New World players watching their in-game investments explode. (credit: Amazon Games )

Amazon has shut down wealth transfers in New World for the second time in a month, hobbling the in-game economy in an attempt to limit the particular damage from yet another product duplication bug in the popular MMO.

Over typically the weekend, news started to filter through this New World community regarding a trophy duplication glitch, letting unscrupulous players create copies of the lucrative items at will. As word of the glitch spread, the price for those trophies began to crater within the in-game marketplace, ruining often the investments of time, effort, and in-game money for many legit players.

On Monday, New World Community Manager Tosch notified the community that the developers were aware of the blemish. In response, Tosch said they were “disabling all forms associated with wealth transfer between players (i. e. sending currency, guild treasury, trading post, player to player trading) while we investigate. Any player that has engaged in your use of this exploit will certainly be actioned against. ”

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