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Jamie Spears & Lou Taylor Tried ‘Curing’ Britney’s Mental Problems With Religion?!?

As if we needed more reasons to side-eye Jamie Spears’ controlling behavior…

We already have a laundry list of alleged abuses Jamie perpetrated while acting as Britney Spears’ conservator, and a lot of them came from Brit herself in that bombshell testimony.

Daddy wasn’t the only one pulling strings, though; Lou Taylor, CEO of the singer’s former business management company Tri Star Sports & Entertainment, has often been accused of colluding with Jamie in the conservatorship.

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On Wednesday, a new TMZ report revealed another one of the ways this shady duo sought to control the ...Baby One More Time artist: religion.

We know, right? Using religion as a tool of oppression, who would have thought??

Apparently the Spears patriarch “became a born again Christian after a stint in rehab early on in the conservatorship,” and Lou was also a “fervent” born again. (Acting as spokesperson for the Spears family, she frequently mentioned “God” and “prayer” during a Today appearance in 2008, which can be seen below.)

In the early days of the conservatorship, the pair collaborated with Tri Star employee Robin Greenhill, who was brought on to manage the pop star’s day-to-day affairs. TMZ sources say Robin had an “iron grip” on Britney’s life and frequently blocked her from spending money, “even for relatively inexpensive items.” Robin was supposedly the one who initiated that scheme to monitor the performer via iCloud. Gross.

So what does all this have to do with Bible thumping? TMZ insiders claimed this trio actually tried to “free Britney from the grips of her mental problems” with Christianity. In the first year of the conservatorship, they “literally walked around with the Bible in hand, proselytizing the word of God.” They were apparently suspicious of anyone around the momma of two who wasn’t a “good Christian” and would only let her read religious materials. Oof.

That last accusation was corroborated by Dan George, a promotional manager for the Circus tour, who told CNN that during his six months on the job:

“She could only read Christian books … Her phone was monitored.”

The religious fervor eventually died down due to the X Factor alum’s massive success — as the money came rolling in, her finances took center stage for the conservatorship overlords. Of course, Lou Taylor has denied ever being involved in the conservatorship (despite the fact that Lynne Spears wrote in her memoir about the businesswoman’s prayerfulness playing a key role in the decision to enact it).

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But Britney knows exactly who was in control — and who was preaching in her ear — all that time. Another CNN insider stated:

“Britney is aware and angered by the control exercised over her by Lou Taylor and her company which reaped millions of dollars from her estate.”

TMZ sources have also indicated that lawyer Mathew Rosengart plans to depose Lou AND Robin “to determine if they committed malfeasance or misappropriation of assets” and to ascertain once and for all if they were part of illegally monitoring Brit’s communications.

Lou has been one of the more mysterious figures within this whole conservatorship fiasco, so we are eager to see her full involvement come to life. Using religion as a cage to keep Britney isolated like that is just one of the many troubling things she’s endured over the years. But if they really thought it could “cure” her mental health issue, it just goes to show how unqualified her conservators were to make serious medical decisions on her behalf.

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