Lorde Is Completely Unbothered Eating Wings On Hot Ones — Seriously, It’s Freaky!!

We should know by now to never underestimate Lorde!

We’ve watched the singer go from teen prodigy to full-fledged pop icon over the last few years, and now she’s finally back promoting her third album, Solar Power, due out later this month. She had been in pop star hibernation since wrapping up her Melodrama tour, but she’s emerged this summer (sort of like a cicada) to do the press circuit — including a memorable appearance on Hot Ones.

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If you’re a fan of the YouTube series, you know the increasingly spicy wings usually get BIG reactions — but not from Ms. Ella Yelich-O’Connor. While casually enjoying the super hot meal (“This is a really delicious lunch, I’m not gonna lie”), she didn’t even break a sweat while dropping eloquent musings like:

​​”I basically thought of the album as a sun worship album. I’m not religious in any way, but my experiences in nature the last couple of years were as close to what I had experienced as religion, so it was like a sort of devotional record for me.”


“This album features a lot of cicada singing, cicada music. … I didn’t realize that this year is Brood X, which is this big kind of boom of cicadas once you reach 17 years. The last time it happened was in 2004, when I guess J.Lo and Ben Affleck were together, and now they’re back together. So people are like, oh, Brood X is in the air! So I guess I am right on trend with my cicada moment.”

The way the Stoned at the Nail Salon artist demolishes these wings (not even needing a glass of water after Scorpion Disco’s 649,000 Scoville level heat!), you might suspect that she’s experiencing a tastebud failure — did a case of COVID make her lose her sense of taste??? But she was still commenting on the flavor palette of each different sauce, impressing host and hot sauce connoisseur Sean Evans. She admitted:

“I feel like I’m being boring. I’m not like… I’m not sizzling out. But it’s delicious, I’m loving the wings.”

Ch-ch-check out the episode (below):

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Fans were awestruck by her stoic performance, comparing her episode to other celebs who didn’t fare quite so well:

We have to admit, we too are totally impressed. Lorde made this challenge look like a breeze. Just add it to the list of things that make her legendary! See some more reactions to her Hot Ones ep. (below):

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