Jennifer Lopez Artfully Dodges Question About Whether She’s ‘Happier’ With Ben Affleck During Live TV Appearance!

Jennifer Lopez is too much of an old pro at live TV interviews to get thrown by any unexpected questions at this point in her career!

On Tuesday morning, the Maid In Manhattan star proved that once again by delivering the MOST artful dodge around a TODAY Show question geared at uncovering details about her budding relationship with Ben Affleck.

Seriously, people, these are some ninja moves here!

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The segment in question took place virtually with host Hoda Kotb — who is a longtime close friend of J.Lo — and fellow guest interviewee Lin Manuel Miranda. The clip was supposed to be about the 51-year-old superstar’s re-released charity single Love Make The World Go Round.

The song, originally released in 2016, is being re-published this summer to coincide with the five-year anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando, Florida. And while the Jenny From The Block singer and the Hamilton creator were keen for much of the interview on discussing that context and their desire to give back, Hoda evidently wanted to go another route.

Deviating from the playbook a bit, the 56-year-old morning show mainstay turned to Lopez and leveled with her, saying (below):

“I need to have a little girl talk with my girl, just a little. You look happy. Look, I’ve known you for years. … You look happier. Every time I see a picture of you and Ben [Affleck], I’m like, ‘She looks happier! She looks happier!’ Are we happier?”


Well, Jennifer? Are we happier?!

Shrewd as can be in the ways of avoiding those info-seeking Qs about personal relationships, though, the Waiting For Tonight singer sublimely swerved on Hoda and answered like this (below):

“The song is out, five years since we’ve done it. And I believe that that message of loving one another and coming together and love, is never more relevant than it is right now.”

Masterful! Ha!

Not one to give up so easy, Hoda primed the pump once more, asking playfully:

“Wait, it’s me you’re talking to! You know that?”


But the Let’s Get Loud singer was not at all fooled by that offer, either.

Lopez shut it down again, saying:

“I know. You can call me. You have my number!”


Something tells us they will definitely connect via phone (and in private!) sometime soon. You KNOW Hoda wants those details!

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You can watch the full segment (below):

Nice try, Hoda!

Got close, maybe, but no cigar…

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Obviously, this whole summer has been quite a whirlwind for both Ben and Jen as far as reconciling and falling back into love.

So it makes some sense that she’d want to keep something to herself at this point, ya know?! Nothing wrong with that! (She does look happy, though!)

What do U think about the question dodge, Perezcious readers?! Jen just being playful AF with her pal Hoda?

Sound OFF about Bennifer and everything related to ’em down in the comments (below)…

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