Farrah Abraham BLASTS Chrissy Teigen, Says She Needs ‘Mental Help’ After No Apology

As the Chrissy Teigen mean tweets scandal has changed shape — thanks to fashion designer Michael Costello‘s disputed claims of bullying and Chrissy AND John Legend starting to fight back — something is getting lost in the shuffle here.

Or should we say someone…?

While the Cravings author wrote a really strong piece admitting her culpability as an internet troll and discussing personal growth and forgiveness, some people feel that she might have skirted over her actual victims.

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She said she was in the process of reaching out in private, but both Courtney Stodden AND Farrah Abraham — two of the first to point out cruelty thrown their way — have maintained the supermodel has NOT reached out to them.

In a new interview on the Cancel Me, Baby podcast with Taylor Ferber, Farrah reveals she STILL has not gotten that apology for being trashed online with tweets like:

“farrah abraham now thinks she is pregnant from her sex tape. in other news you’re a w**** and everyone hates you whoops not other news sorry.”

The Teen Mom star points out Chrissy seems to be “doing a public apology and not addressing the exact people or person” she hurt.

She says:

“I never have received an apology. I also did mention an apology to my daughter. And it doesn’t need to be privately, it should be publicly, just like she publicly was calling me out and saying I was a whore.”

Farrah then mentions how she was “actually going through bereavement” and was in a “depressive” state at the time — another great reason not to go after people you don’t know on the internet. You don’t know what they’re going through. Trust us. We know.

She continues:

“I’m happy that Chrissy Teigen at least to some degree is trying to apologize, but she is actually not committing to actually apologizing to her victims, and that is the true state.”

Hilariously self aware, Farrah goes on to point out she’s something of an expert on offending people from her time as an MTV reality star. She says:

“I understand from me having to apologize to people what a real apology is and how that really helps people.”


Farrah says she doesn’t need a personal message but does think Chrissy should be putting out individual apologies in public.

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However, next she gets savage, saying:

“I feel sorry for her, that’s why I just said, please go get some mental help. Not only for her but her husband and her children, the abusive culture that she brings is not OK, and no one should ever be famous for that.”


OK, we were 100% picking up what Farrah was throwing down before that statement.

Chrissy hasn’t technically apologized to the people she’s wronged; if anything her apologies were directed more to her fans. Not only that, Farrah’s point about Chrissy being more of a “bully” than a troll is a fair one. The Lip Sync Battle host said in her Medium essay that she “thought it made me cool and relatable if I poked fun at celebrities.” and admitted how wrong that was:

“I wasn’t just attacking some random avatar, but hurting young women — some who were still girls — who had feelings. How could I not stop and think of that? Why did I think there was some invisible psycho-celebrity formula that prevents anyone with more followers from experiencing pain?”

But she didn’t mention anyone by name. And she didn’t mention that she was more famous the young women she was mocking — meaning she was punching down, which is more of a bully move than a troll move.


Telling her now that she needs mental help, when she’s already been public about her years of therapy, that feels like it’s going too far. Even if the pain is brought on by a person’s own doing, it’s still pain. It’s still suffering. It’s still brutal.

Bullying a former bully for bullying doesn’t exactly even out anyone’s karma.

What do YOU think? Is Farrah entitled to express her anger in that way? She is one of the wronged parties, after all. Or did she go too far??

You can see the whole interview, including more talk about Chrissy and her own past scandals (below):

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