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Demi Lovato Loses THOUSANDS Of Instagram Followers After The Frozen Yogurt Shop Debacle!

In the next saga of the FroYo disaster, it looks like Demi Lovato got hit pretty hard in the aftermath of it all.

According to Twitter account @defnoodles, the 28-year-old singer has lost around 130,000 thousand Instagram followers after calling out the small business, The Bigg Chill, for having sugar-free and “guilt-free” food items. We can assume people decided to jump ship because they thought Demi unfairly attacked the company for offering other options for people with allergies and dietary needs, but it’s possible it could be for other reasons, too. We guess…

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However, the star most likely won’t give a f**k as she still has around 102 million supporters on the platform. Take a look at the stats (below):

In case you missed it, the powerhouse vocalist took to IG over the weekend to describe how she felt triggered by a selection of treats she saw at the Los Angeles frozen yogurt shop. It’s no surprise the star launched into a tirade as she has been open about her ongoing struggle with body image and eating disorders in the past. But it certainly was not needed! Demi wrote in the initial post:

“Finding it extremely hard to order froyo from @TheBiggChillOfficial when you have to walk past tons of sugar-free cookies/other diet foods before you get to the counter. Do better please. #DietCultureVultures.”

As we have mentioned before, sugar-free and other similar products are often available for individuals with serious dietary needs like diabetes or celiacs, and not just for dieting. The Camp Rock alum then clarified that labeling the options would make for a better experience before posting a final message to the brand:

“You aren’t wrong for catering to many different needs but it’s about not excluding one demographic to cater to others.”

Again, it really wasn’t a necessary argument to have as there are a million of other more important things happening in the world right now. Demi could have easily redirected her frustration into a call out for something far more productive than attacking a business with around 6,000 followers at the time. The bright side to the whole situation: The Bigg Chill has gained over 42,000 fans since the whole debacle started. What a way to get out of a pandemic slump, right?!

We’re just waiting on someone from QAnon to say they must have teamed up for a marketing strategy publicity stunt, LOLz!

Following her Instagram Stories, the Heart Attack performer faced a ton of backlash from folks on Twitter, with many finding her comments to have some ableist undertones. Others still defended her and said that only she could determine what is triggering her or not since it’s a personal experience.

Since then, as we previously reported, Demi sort of apologized for attacking the yogurt hotspot in an eight-minute IG video on Monday. In it, she said:

“I am very outspoken about the things that I believe in. I understand that sometimes my messaging can lose its meaning when I get emotional. I am human … I’m sorry that I got the messaging wrong. I’m sorry that I may have disappointed some people … I walked into a situation that didn’t sit right with me, my intuition said speak up about this, so I did.”

And if you thought that was the end of the situation, you’re sadly mistaken. Following the whole ordeal, rumors were swirling around on social media that the actor had allegedly donated $100,000 to the dessert location. Unfortunately, The Bigg Chill confirmed that it had been nothing but FAKE news.

Fingers crossed that Demi losing followers on the ‘gram will be the final chapter in the big FroYo scandal of 2021! It might be time to put this situation to bed — at least, that is probably what Demi wants right now.

[Image via Demi Lovato/Instagram & The Bigg Chill/Instagram]

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