THAT Frozen Yogurt Shop Seemingly Trolls Demi Lovato By Highlighting Fat-Free & Low Carb Flavors!

Things are getting salty between frozen yogurt shop The Bigg Chill and Demi Lovato!

On Tuesday, amid the controversy surrounding the pop star’s claim the dessert destination is promoting diet culture, the LA-based small business seemed to send her a clear message on Instagram — and they are NOT backing down from their defense!

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Posting an updated menu to their Story (below), the company revealed a timely new set of flavors that includes a plethora of fat-free, low carb (by the brand Carbolite), and dairy-free options for customers. While The Bigg Chill usually switches up their selections every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, these options are there to stay from Tuesday to Thursday. So, um… take that Demi? This proud family business is sticking true to their flavor profile!

Frozen Yogurt Shop Appears To Troll Demi Lovato By Updating Menu With New Fat Free & Low Carb Flavors
(c) The Bigg Chill/Instagram

Not only that, but they’ve formed their own hashtag campaign to combat Demi’s “#DietCultureVultures” trend. Using #TeamBiggChill, the store’s social media page shared positive testimonials from fro-yo lovers who don’t think the eatery should be taking the blame for unintentionally “triggering” the 28-year-old’s eating disorder struggles.

For her part, the Sorry Not Sorry songwriter did issue a half-hearted apology Monday, saying on the ‘gram that she was regretful for getting the “messaging wrong” when she initially slammed the company. Yet, no matter how much backlash she has received for her controversial stance on the store’s branding, the California resident insisted she was going to demand change from the world because:

“F**k it. This is a hard thing to live with on a daily basis.”

Which we have no doubt it is! Those with eating disorders should obviously have the right to feel “safe” in all environments, but these changes are systemic, not the fault of one local fro-yo shop. And to call out a family run business in the midst of a global pandemic where restaurants are shutting down faster than we can imagine?? Followers were certain that was not the right way to rally up a team of change-makers!

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Whether or not #TeamBiggChill listened to the Disney Channel alum’s eight minute half-hearted apology remains to be seen — and if they did, we think this new menu update certainly cements their response. They don’t seem all that willing to work with Max Ehrich’s ex-fiancée no matter how hard she claims she wasn’t trying to “bully” the shop.

Given the way the 28-year-old allegedly threatened the company — writing in a DM conversation, “you don’t want to mess with me,” according to screenshots released by TMZ — we can understand why they’re not too willing to chat with the singer at the moment. And it’s not like they need to, either. Their business has continued to thrive even amid this chaos.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?? This whole thing has turned into quite the mess, and neither side of the argument seems to be mending their take on the situation. Can real change come from this digital showdown? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via WENN & The Bigg Chill/Instagram]

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