Star Wars: The Bad Batch trailer arrives ahead of May the Fourth launch

This week’s one-two Disney+ news punch revolves around Star Wars—a PB-and-choc combo of TV series that has so far paid off richly, especially after the shaky conclusion to the franchise’s latest film trilogy.

First up is the newest Star Wars series to debut, coming in barely over a month. We learned last month that new series Star Wars: The Bad Batch is slated to launch on Tuesday, May 4 (huh, we wonder why they picked that date). On Tuesday, Disney followed that news with the premiere of that CGI-animation series’ first trailer, which immediately follows in the footsteps of Clone Wars‘ revival on Disney+ a little over a year ago. The new series also sees longtime Clone Wars steward Dave Filoni return as co-executive producer.

Tailed by Tarkin

Clone Wars‘ seventh season opened by focusing squarely on the Bad Batch, a ragtag group of clone troopers (also known as Clone Force 99) whose mutations turned them into supersoldiers above the rest of the clone fray. Their combination of action-filled missions and comic-relief banter set a solid tone for a season that barreled toward epic set pieces long-teased by Filoni, particularly the Siege of Mandalore.

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