Wait, Rob Kardashian Is Selling An Old Baseball Card For HOW MUCH?!

We knew Rob Kardashian was living a very good life, but who knew things were this good for the reality TV star that he could put up a baseball card for auction and make big money in return?!

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is reportedly putting his extremely rare Honus Wagner autographed baseball card up for auction. That’s huge news in the memorabilia world, because the card is autographed by Wagner — one of very, very few known signed cards of his still in existence — and thus, it could fetch big money!

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So this all started back in November when Rob picked up a pack of 2020 Topps Dynasty baseball cards from the Bullpen Card Shop down in Los Angeles. At the time, the unopened pack cost $750 — which would’ve been a lot to spend on some baseball cards, to put it mildly!

But as they opened the pack at the store to see what Rob had procured with his purchase, the clear extent of it was amazing: a 1-of-1 “authentic cut signature” autographed card of Honus Wagner.

For the uninitiated, Wagner played shortstop for the Pittsburgh Pirates at the turn of the last century (yes, like, 120 years ago). He is considered by many historians today to be the best shortstop and one of the best baseball players of all time. He died in 1955; his authentic signature on baseball cards is very, very rare and when you combine that with his importance to the history of the game, well, here you are!

At the time, it was unclear whether Rob was going to keep the card for his own collection or sell it; he loves to collect cards, and obviously, being a member of the Kardashian family, he’s rollin’ in dough, so it’s not like he needs the money. But today, according to TMZ, it appears as though Rob has put the card up on the auction block!

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Per the media outlet, the reality TV star hit up the people at Goldin Auctions in SoCal to broker the deal. They tell the outlet that they are expecting to sell the card for at least $50,000 by the time the bidding ends on March 7th. FIFTY GRAND!!!

Not that he needs the money like most of us — we’d take that Fifty Grand if you didn’t have any use for it, Rob! Ha! — but that’s still a HUGE chunk of change for a baseball card! The memorabilia world is crazy!

Like we said, we knew Rob was living particularly well lately as far as his daughter’s life and his own health have been concerned. Good to see he’s making good business decisions, as well — not to mention enjoying a bit of good luck, too! What a life!

[Image via Rob Kardashian/Instagram]

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