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The PocketGo S30 Is Basically A SNES Pad That Plays Retro Games

Nintendo will be pleased.

There’s a thriving market for emulator-based handhelds these days, with factories in China pumping out new systems on what feels like a monthly basis. However, while most of these machines conform to the same basic design language, the designers of the PocketGo S30 have modelled it on the iconic SNES controller – taking a leaf out of 8BitDo’s book.

We were lucky enough to get a sample of this device and can say right now that it’s one of the best we’ve seen from a construction point of view. The build quality is excellent (so good, in fact, that some have speculated that GWOWO, the company which designs some of 8BitDo’s products, is responsible) and it’s really comfortable to use. The buttons are also excellent, while the D-Pad is precise and responsive. Considering how many of these low-cost Chinese handhelds cut corners when it comes to manufacturing, the $69.99 PocketGo S30 comes as a pleasant surprise. The 2600 mAh battery offers around 4 to 5 hours of stamina, and there’s USB-C port for charging – oh, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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