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Charli & Dixie D’Amelio SLAMMED By Fans For Group Vacation To The Bahamas During Pandemic

Why is it influencers and other celebrities think they have some kind of exemption from pandemic travel advisories?! We’re all being cautioned to stay home during the holidays; many families canceled Christmas and New Years plans to stay safe. But TikTok influencers Charli and Dixie D’Amelio decided that they were above these orders and took some vacay time with pals in the Bahamas!

Uh, say what?

On Monday, December 28, actress Madi Monroe posted about her trip with the two sisters, making it look like she was the only traveler. However, the truth quickly came out about the GROUP outing on the TikTok Room Instagram account. It wasn’t just Madi but also Noah Beck, Chase Hudson, Avani Gregg… and of course sisters Charli and Dixie.

Sounds pretty irresponsible to us.

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Oh, and we’re not the only ones with some concerns. Fans are pissed, and the two TikTok queens are receiving some serious backlash for their risky decision to travel in the middle of a pandemic. Especially after Charli warned everyone to stay home and be safe! Totally hypocritical, right?!

One fan wrote:

i really can’t understand how influencers like charli, dixie, madi, avani, noah, etc decide it’s a great idea to go to the bahamas while we’re in the middle of a pandemic…like c’mon people are dying everyday. i’m a bit disappointed ngl. they’re supposed to be good role models.

We know, right?! So, like, the rest of us are supposed to stay home, but some people should get special treatment? Because they’re rich?? Not cool.

Another angry commenter wrote:

charli and her friends are in the bahamas rn???? bye

That’s a “bye” from us, too. Someone else commented with:

I mean why are we shocked

Can’t say we’re shocked over here, either. Especially given all the drama we’ve seen from this group in the past–like the issues between Charli and Trisha Paytas. Could this be just another way for the D’Amelio sisters to get some attention — any press is good press? Or maybe they really just don’t care about the state of the world right now. Or at least not as much as they care about having fun.

Here’s the post from the TikTok Room IG account which shows Madi’s post AND proof the the entire crew was in the Bahamas together. Ch-ch-check it out below:


What do you think, Perezious readers?! Politicians are breaking regulations, influencers, musicians, Kardashians… What do they all have in common? Is the fame that tells them they’re special? The money??

Or are the same amount of NON-famous folks doing the same amount of rule-breaking, quietly excusing their own behavior while decrying others’? Maybe that’s it — and that’s why we can’t ever get out of this damn pandemic!!!

[Image via Charli D’Amelio/Dixie D’Amelio/Instagram.]


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