Justice Dep’t. sends its Department 230 rewrite to Congress

Cartoon hands hold out a band-aid over the words Section 230.

Expand (charge: Aurich Lawson / / Getty Images)

The Department of Justice now dropped a projected”recalibration” of one of the most essential legislation governing the US Web into Congress’s lap and also encouraged legislators to act to get rid of a liability protection where virtually every site and app now relies.

Attorney General Bill Barr delivered the proposed laws –an expansion of his own June want list–to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and also Vice President Mike Pence (in his position as President of the Senate) this afternoon.

“For too long association 230 has given a defense for internet platforms to work with impunity,” Barr said in a written announcement. “Ensuring the world wide web is a secure, but {} , open, and competitive environment is extremely important to America,” he added. “We therefore urge Congress to create these essential reforms to Section 230 and then start to carry online platforms answerable equally when they unlawfully prohibits speech and if they intentionally facilitate criminal activity on line.”

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