Sexual Harassment & Show Tunes?! 5 Surprising Details From New Donald Trump Tell-All!

We have known forever that Donald Trump is not a serious person… but still, some of these stories from Stephanie Grisham‘s upcoming memoir are making our jaws drop! How did this man become President?!?! Grisham, as we’ve previously reported, was a 2016 campaign aide to Trump who transitioned to become First Lady Melania Trump‘s spokeswoman and then later rose […]


Trump Russia BOMBSHELL! Leaked Kremlin Documents Appears To Confirm Putin Had ‘Kompromat’ — Pee Tape?!?

OK, so we already know Russia helped Donald Trump get elected. The ex-president can say all day that investigations into Russiagate all-caps EXONERATED him, which is not even true, but everyone agrees Russia has been interfering in our elections, mostly in the form of cyber attacks. But now we finally have evidence from their side. UK paper The […]


Putin congratulates Biden on election Success –Earlier Trump,” McConnell and Republican leadership have

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered Joe Biden a congratulatory telegram following the Electoral College formalized his success in the Nov. 3 election, which makes him one of the previous world leaders to comprehend the U.S. president-elect. Putin wanted Biden fortune and stated Russia and the U.S. can lead to solving international issues, according to a […]


Who won the election? Putin and Xi, specialists say

An election which supported America’s profound social fissures and may nevertheless {} up the topic of legal challenges will be very likely to pleasure that the U.S.’s geopolitical opponents, China along with Russia, based on foreign policy specialists and market commentators. “Two Officials have emerged as winners of this U.S. election. Regrettably, they are sitting […]

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Down a stunning 23%, London’s once mighty FTSE is trading like an emerging-market stock exchange

Our mission to help you navigate the new normal is fueled by subscribers. To enjoy unlimited access to our journalism, subscribe today. Country A is home to one of the oldest stock exchanges in the world where the rule of law is rock solid, and investors are afforded rigorous protections. Country B is essentially a petrol […]