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Unvaccinated Sarah Palin Spotted Eating At NYC Restaurant Days After Testing Positive For COVID!

Sarah Palin needs to face consequences for this! The former Governor of Alaska was caught dining indoors at a Manhattan restaurant last weekend, despite being unvaccinated. If you haven’ t seen the news, she also tested positive for COVID-19 either before the outing or immediately after! Wut?? Related: Anti-Vax Folk Singer Dies After Purposely Catching […]

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Amid violent threats, lawmaker ditches bill to make unvaxxed pay hospital bills

Enlarge / Intensive Care Unit nurse monitors patients in the ICU ward at Roseland Community Hospital on December 14, 2020, in Chicago, Illinois. (credit: Getty | Scott Olson) Illinois Representative Jonathan Carroll is scrapping his proposed legislation to make willfully unvaccinated people pay COVID-19 hospital bills out of pocket after he received violent threats that also […]

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Willfully unvaccinated should pay 100% of COVID hospital bills, lawmaker says

Enlarge / People associated with the far-right group America First attend an anti-vaccine protest in front of Pfizer world headquarters on November 13, 2021, in New York City. (credit: Getty | Stephanie Keith ) People who choose to remain unvaccinated and subsequently become severely ill with COVID-19 should be responsible for paying the entirety of […]