Bluefield College’s white president suspends Black basketball players for kneeling, proving again how the GOP’s call for ‘unity’ is unreasonable

Six weeks ago, when the entire world watched homegrown white American terrorists storm the U.S. Capitol in a dangerous temper-tantrum/coup, Colin Kaepernick’s name and image kept being mentioned. The people that called Kaepernick unpatriotic for peacefully kneeling during a racist song because police officers have a… Read more…


Not just Facebook: Snap, Unity warn Apple’s tracking change threatens business

Snapchat on an iPhone. (credit: Maurizio Pesce) Social media company Snap (which runs Snapchat) and game development software company Unity have joined Facebook in warning their investors that Apple’s imminent ad-tracking change will negatively impact their businesses. As previously reported, Apple plans to use the next iOS update (iOS 14.5, due out in early spring) […]