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Nicki Minaj Suspended From Twitter Over Baseless COVID Vaccine Claims, As Experts Waste Time Debunking It!

Nicki Minaj may enjoy “being f**king dumb,” but gurl shouldn’t be surprised that making other people f**king dumb in regards to something as life-and-death as COVID vaccines is enough to get her suspended from Twitter! As we reported, the superstar shared a completely baseless rumor about COVID-19 vaccination side effects on Wednesday, claiming that a […]


Rep. Matt Gaetz Under Investigation For S*x Trafficking Over Alleged Relationship With 17-Year-Old Girl

Sadly, it’s never a surprise when a pal of Donald Trump’s turns out to be a creep — but this is pretty gross. The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, a staunch conservative and Trump ally, was being investigated by the Department of Justice for allegedly violating federal s*x trafficking […]


Cardi B & Candace Owens Trade Blows Over The Rapper’s WAP Grammys Performance!

Candace Owens can’t stop talking about Cardi B’s WAP! The conservative commentator once again launched an attack on the Up rapper during an appearance on Monday’s episode of Tucker Carlson’s show, where they took aim at Cardi’s “grotesque” performance with Megan Thee Stallion at the 2021 Grammy Awards. The Fox News contributor cried: “This seems […]