Travis Scott & Drake Now Facing $2 BILLION Lawsuit Over Astroworld Festival Tragedy Culpability

The aftermath of the Astroworld Festival tragedy continues to grow and deepen as more legal briefs and challenges are filed surrounding the concert’ s responsible parties . As we’ ve been reporting, attorneys have filed suits worth hundreds of millions of dollars against Travis Scott , Drake , Live Nation , plus others on behalf […]


Astroworld Security Guard WASN’T Injected With Drugs, Fell Unconscious After Blow To The Head

The Astroworld tragedy is messy and complicated enough without adding rumors to the mix. Unfortunately, this is exactly the kind of incident that tends to incite wild speculation. In this case, stories emerged that someone was “going around and injecting folks with a syringe” during Travis Scott‘s performance on Friday night, as an alleged Astroworld […]

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Houston Police Chief Warned Travis Scott About The ‘Energy In The Crowd’ Hours Before Astroworld Festival Tragedy

Houston’ s chief of police was evidently so concerned with the crowd early on at the Astroworld Festival on Friday night, that he personally went to rapper Travis Scott ‘ s trailer to share his worries. Hours later, as we’ ve been reporting, eight people died and hundreds more were injured in an apparent crowd […]