Kim Kardashian Hit With Cease & Desist Letter Over Trademark Issues For New SKKN Beauty Line!

Here we are again, reporting on Kim Kardashian facing a high-profile legal battle… but this time, we’re not talking about her ongoing divorce from Kanye West! No, this time around, the 40-year-old reality TV megastar is on the hook for something far different: she’s being accused of a trademark violation with regards to her new SKKN beauty line! […]


Michael B. Jordan Apologizes for Rum Brand’s Controversial Name After Getting Called Out By Nicki Minaj & Others

Celebs’ alcohol brands seem to be the new frontier of cultural appropriation right now. Michael B. Jordan might have learned a lesson from all the heat Kendall Jenner got for her 818 Tequila brand. Instead, he found himself embroiled in a pretty similar controversy. Over the weekend, the actor celebrated the launch of his new […]


Ballsy vasectomy ads get foul call from NCAA

Enlarge / Virginia urologists with a slam-dunk vasectomy campaign. (credit: Youtube | Virginia Urology) For one shining moment, urologists in Virginia were hoping to have patients icing on the bench as they watched this year’s NCAA basketball tournament. But the college athletics association has called a foul. In a February filing with the US Patent […]