Saturday Night Live piledrives the NFL for the Jon Gruden emails, and also just for being the NFL

For those who weren’t sure if former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden should be considered the dummy of the particular week, Saturday Night Live made its case for him to receive that honor. In the show’s Oct. 16 cold open, the show skewered Gruden and the entire NFL for eight minutes. Read more…


Did ratings for Oprah’s Meghan Markle and Prince Harry interview measure up against the NFL postseason?

For years, I felt like the only person who didn’t watch Game of Thrones. On Monday mornings in the spring and summer, I would leave my friends and social media to talk about who got killed, who got screwed, or which dragon appeared. Read more…


What ‘Schitt’s Creek’ can teach us about climate action

Schitt’s Creek has risen in the ranks as one of the most popular TV shows of the past decade, reaching its pinnacle at this year’s Emmy awards, where the show swept the comedy category. A significant part of the Canadian sitcom’s appeal lies in the utopian world that writer and producer Dan Levy created—a world where everyone belongs and […]