Squid Game IRL?? South Dakota Teachers Compete For $1 Bills In ‘Dystopian’ Challenge

For fans of Squid Game, we bring you… real life. Twitter became outraged over the weekend when an intermission challenge from a South Dakota hockey game went viral. After the game’s first period, the Sioux Falls Stampede junior ice hockey team hosted a “Dash for Cash” game in which local teachers scrambled to collect $1 […]

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WTF?! Miami Private School Won’t Employ Teachers Who Get Vaccinated — Here’s Their Terrible Reasoning!

A private school in Miami, Florida is making national headlines this week after announcing they will not hire anyone who gets vaccinated for coronavirus! Even the White House has weighed in on the issue! The controversy all started when Leila Centner (right inset), the co-founder of Centner Academy, sent a letter to parents and staff […]

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Study finds 3-ft distancing in schools is enough—but debate is far from over

Enlarge / Spring Township, PA – August 21: A first grade classroom where the desks are spaced out for social distancing. (credit: Getty | Ben Hasty) The most sensitive and heated topic of the entire pandemic is—without a doubt—the welfare of our children. How can we best protect them from this devastating virus? What role […]