One company wants to sell the feds location data from every car on Earth

Enlarge / Cars driving down I-80 in Berkeley, California, in May, 2018 when there were still places to go. (credit: David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images) There is a strange sort of symmetry in the world of personal data this week: one new report has identified a company that wants to sell the […]


Facebook will pay more than $300 each to 1.6M Illinois users in settlement

Enlarge / You see Facebook, Facebook sees you… (credit: Chris Jackson | Getty Images) Millions of Facebook users in Illinois will be receiving about $340 each as Facebook settles a case alleging it broke state law when it collected facial recognition data on users without their consent. The judge hearing the case in federal court […]


Fitbit wants to partner with users every step of the way

Thanks to the double whammy of holiday feasting and pandemic-related pounds, New Year’s resolutions to get into shape were extra-big going into 2021. So that means it’s time for strapping on the shiny new Fitbits, Garmins, and Apple Watches that loved ones exchanged in December. But in recent years, wearable manufacturers have been pushing devices […]