Astroworld Is The Latest, Not The Worst: A History Of Deadly Concert Incidents

With a death toll of 10 people as of this writing, Travis Scott‘s 2021 Astroworld is now one of the deadliest concerts in history — but far from the top of that list. Sadly the list of tragedies goes back several decades. Death tolls range from a single, symbolic killing to well over 100 souls lost […]


Ten, named for Mookie Blaylock’s number, is 30 years old (Mookie is now 54… How’s THAT feel?!)

There was a time when I used to mark the inevitable march of time by how long ago Pearl Jam’s album Ten came out. This started sometime in the late-1990s when my former high school classmate (who was the only person from high school I chose to stay in contact with — we both pretty […]