Apple says it pays everyone fairly—employees want receipts

Enlarge (credit: Felix Wong/South China Morning Post ) Apple employees want to know whether they’re being paid equitably. So some of them have been sending surveys to their colleagues to collect compensation information. The surveys are all opt-in, and several hundred people have participated so far. The surveys stem in part from the fact that, […]


Rachel Bilson? Bullying?! Mischa Barton FINALLY Talks About Why She Really Quit The O.C.!

[SPOILERS FOR THE O.C.] Over the past couple years, in the age of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, killing off major characters has become a go-to narrative device for TV shows looking to subvert their audience’s expectations. But back in the day when one of the main stars of your show died, it was […]


American capitalism necessitates equal-pay legislation. Canada is showing us the way to make it function

Reaching the intricacies of stakeholder capitalism needs a detailed restructuring of”how things happen.” Take, for example, how firms value their workers –it is not equitably. If we repeat the exhausted actuality that women earn just 82 cents for every dollar white guys make? And for women of colour, the pay difference is much worse, with […]