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Why Lily Collins’ Emily In Paris Shoes Sent Her To The Foot Doctor Every Week!

No one understands the phrase “beauty is pain” better than Lily Collins after her time on Emily In Paris! As fans know, the title character is known for her bold and colorful outfit ensembles. But there’s one part of her wardrobe that the 33-year-old actress would not mind getting rid of: the high heels! During […]


Cynthia Nixon DISSED By Famed Former SATC Costume Designer: ‘She Thinks She Knows Everything’

Damn! Sex and the City ’s former costume designer , Patricia Field , is opening up about what it was like to work on the fashion-forward series back in the day, and spoiler alert: it doesn’t sound great! While speaking with The Sunday Times this week, the famed fashion expert — who did not return […]


OG Sex And The City Costume Designer Down For Kim Cattrall Getting Her Own Spinoff!

OK, so the Sex And The City revival finally premiered to… well, a mixed reception, let’ s say. Old school fans have a lot of opinions about the new directions the show is taking. But one of the particular major criticisms of And Just Like That… is about what’ s NOT there: Samantha Jones. It’ […]


Sex And The City Secrets Revealed! Who Will & WON’T Be Returning For Reboot!

The Sex and the City revival is holding its casting news close to the vest for some reason, spinning fans into speculation town as they try to make sense of rumors. We mean, we already knew Kim Cattrall would not be returning as Samantha Jones, one of the fab foursome required to call the corners. So when […]