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Doctors Refused This Woman A Breast Reduction 10 Times Despite Her Constant Pain — Saying ‘Think Of Your Future Husband’!

This is completely ridiculous! And we’re guessing all too common… Janel Nelson realized early in life that she needed to get something off her chest — her massive 28H boobs! The poor girl from Alberta, Canada was absolutely suffering from the size of her breasts. As she explained, per The Sun, there were the usual […]


Nicki Minaj Claims Kanye Refused To Collaborate With Her Because Of Kim Kardashian!

We’re obviously WAY past Kimye being a thing. But how inneresting, in these days when Kanye West is non-stop begging Kim Kardashian to come back to him, to go back and get a little insight into who they were as a couple. The new tidbit is courtesy of Nicki Minaj, who sat down for a nearly two-hour […]


Andy Cohen Defends Sarah Jessica Parker, Praises Sex And The City Reboot For Showing ‘Women Living Vibrantly In Their 50s’

Got her back! Andy Cohen is sticking up for Sarah Jessica Parker after she spoke out against criticism of her grey hair. If you missed it, last week, the Sex and the City star slammed trolls for sending hateful comments about her physical appearance in pics from the set of And Just Like That…, telling […]


The Way Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell Talk To Their Daughters About Sex May Blow Your Mind

If you thought their bathing habits as parents were odd, wait until you learn how Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell talk to their kids about sex! The couple continue to be open books about their relationship and child-rearing, especially in podcast form. In Monday’s episode of Armchair Expert, Dax and co-host Monica Padman welcomed Gwyneth Paltrow. Because the Avengers: Endgame […]


New Jeopardy! Host Forced The Price Is Right Models To Wear Shorter Skirts & Discriminated Against Pregnant Women, Claim Lawsuits

Remember when viewers were upset with the casting of Mike Richards as the new host of Jeopardy! simply because he wasn’t their favorite choice? Yes, the executive producer who jumped into hosting duties this week was set up for failure with audiences from the start. After all, they were first given an array of celebrity guest hosts, […]


Nick Cannon Says Monogamy Is Against Feminism, And Twitter Is NOT Buying It!

Nick Cannon is not ashamed of having seven kids with four different mommas! While appearing on The Breakfast Club, the 40-year-old was questioned about his controversial decision to father children with multiple women — four of whom were born in one year! Not fazed by the hatred, the Wild ‘N Out host immediately attacked the […]


Time’s Up, Disney! Women’s Groups Release Joint Statement Bashing ‘Gendered’ Attack On Scarlett Johansson!

Scarlett Johansson suing Disney — biting the hand that has been feeding her career for the past decade — was a surprise. But the way the corporation responded was the real shocker. In case you missed it, ScarJo is suing Disney for breach of contract over the simultaneous streaming home release of Black Widow. According to her […]


Woman Sends MUST READ Reply To ‘Muscle Mark’ Who Said She Couldn’t Handle Landscaping Because She Isn’t A ‘Bodybuilder’

A woman who applied for a landscaping job and received a sexist response has gone viral on social media for her epic and fierce reply! On Thursday evening, Twitter user @dzzzny took to the platform to share screenshots of an email his sister Charlotte got about her application for an unnamed landscaping company. It appears […]


Norwegian Women’s Beach Handball Team FINED For Wearing TOO MUCH CLOTHING!

When you hear about a fine for “improper clothing” you don’t expect it to be for wearing TOO MUCH! But that’s exactly what happened to the Norwegian women’s handball team this week. The team were participating in the European Beach Handball Championships on Sunday, after which they were required to pay a fine of about […]


Megan Fox Tells Machine Gun Kelly Age Gap Critics to ‘Go F**k’ Themselves!

She has a point! Megan Fox is f**king done with the sexist criticism she is receiving for dating Machine Gun Kelly — who, for the record, is just four years younger than she is! Opening up in a new interview with InStyle, the 35-year-old insisted it’s “ridiculous” that people think she’s too old to be […]