Apple patent fights lookie-loos with glasses-activated screen blur

Enlarge / For your eyes only. (credit: Apple ) Apple is giving new meaning to the phrase “for your eyes only. ” A patent filed by Apple and published Thursday by the US Patent and Trademark Office details the tech giant’s interest in creating “privacy eyewear” that blurs content on a device’s screen unless someone […]


PS5 faceplate or IP violation? The law behind Dbrand’s “Darkplates”

Enlarge When gaming peripherals company Dbrand started selling its custom black PS5 faceplates in February, its website cheekily suggested that its efforts were “totally legal, ” and it urged anyone who thought otherwise to “go ahead, sue us. ” Now, sure enough, the company has been forced to change the design of its custom plates […]


Kim Kardashian Hit With Cease & Desist Letter Over Trademark Issues For New SKKN Beauty Line!

Here we are again, reporting on Kim Kardashian facing a high-profile legal battle… but this time, we’re not talking about her ongoing divorce from Kanye West! No, this time around, the 40-year-old reality TV megastar is on the hook for something far different: she’s being accused of a trademark violation with regards to her new SKKN beauty line! […]