Hey, Kyrie: God’s not fixing this

Kyrie Irving is out of any kind of legitimate explanations for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine, because there aren’t any. The shot is FDA approved, millions of people have been safely vaccinated, and it’s been shown that even though vaccinated people can still get coronavirus, unvaccinated people are far more… Read more…


Draymond defends Andrew Wiggins’ anti-vaxx position

Remember at the beginning of the pandemic, when things happened like Steph Curry interviewing Dr. Anthony Fauci? How good of an example that was of basketball’s cultural importance, and being able to bring important public health information to the people? Read more…

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Anti-boinking measures at Olympics officially surpass gold medal-level stupidity

Sex in the Olympic Village is a talking point at every Games, as if somehow it’s surprising that a bunch of young, hot, athletic people from all over the world have a habit of getting it on with members of the tiny subset of people who they can connect with over their very interesting and […]