We’ve been Robbed!

Rob “Piece of Metal” Manfred came out into the Florida sun, made an announcement that everyone knew was coming about the cancellation of Opening Day, as well as the first two series of the season, and then proceeded to tell some lies, which everyone should have known was coming. Read more…

Gambling Sport

Odds are, MLB has to get a handle on gambling revenue

Major League Baseball is now locking out its players, and given that it’s the offseason, there shouldn’t be much way to notice other than the sudden lack of hot stove activity. The league, though, has gone out of its way to remind everyone online, taking all player-related content off of, right down to… Read […]


MLB’s salary floor proposal is already DOA

Competitive imbalance based on team spending has long been an interesting topic in MLB circles. How are teams like the Indians, Orioles, and Pirates supposed to compete with teams spending over $150 million when their owners are usually only willing to spend $60 million? Well, during a Monday meeting discussing the new… Read more…


Driving pitchers crazy is the point — you can tell from Rob Manfred’s grin

You can be forgiven if you thought the MLBPA had figured out Rob Manfred’s game. The way they left him completely naked over last year’s 60-game season, or refused to move the season back a month this time around which would have opened up the CBA again, the union seemed to have finally figured out […]


Stop the seasons now and let’s get sports right

We learned this week that the Biden administration wants the start of baseball season to be delayed, a desire that at this point stands to go unfulfilled because the Major League Baseball Players Association is not willing to let ownership link such a delay with a reopening of their collective bargaining agreement. Read more…