Doctors fish out more than a dozen tiny maggots from man’s eye

Enlarge / Illustration of a Oestrus ovis, sheep botfly (credit: Getty | Nastasic) On Wednesday, doctors in France reported a rare case of tiny sheep bot fly larvae—aka maggots—infesting the outer surface of a man’s eyeball. The small, spiky larvae were seen slithering around the man’s peeper, explaining the redness and itchiness he was experiencing. […]


McDonald’s Customer Drank An Entire Coke Zero – Only To Find MAGGOTS At The Bottom!

One woman had the shock of her life after chugging down a Coke Zero from a local McDonald’s. Natalia Reynolds, who is pregnant, went into the fast-food establishment in Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire, England on February 24, where she ordered a beverage to go with her meal. She drank the whole thing – only […]