Jackie Robinson died unhappy with baseball

There was no Jackie Robinson Day in 1972. On the 25th anniversary of him breaking the MLB color barrier on April 15, 1947 the league hadn’t retired his number. In fact until June 1972, the Dodgers had never retired a number. They would do so for him, Sandy Koufax, and Roy Campanella. The league didn’t […]


Former MLB Star Odalis Pérez Dead At 44 After Apparent Accidental Fall From Ladder

Former Major League Baseball pitcher Odalis Pérez died at his home in the Dominican Republic on Thursday night, and it is suspected that his death was caused due to an accidental fall from a ladder. The longtime big league star was just 44 years old at the particular time of his passing. Related: 21-Year-Old Woman […]


Meet Kenny Washington, the man who broke the NFL’s color barrier

LOS ANGELES — There is a lot going on in the NFL shop at the Los Angeles Convention Center. There’s the section for Los Angeles Rams gear, Cincinnati Bengals gear, a place to customize your own gear, places for memorabilia such as autographed helmets and portraits, and a DJ. At the entrance of that NFL […]


Just like that, Bellinger earns redemption for his. 165 average

During the recent Major League Baseball regular season, many fans praised the Dodgers for putting together a lineup with zero holes. In reality, 2019' s National League MVP Cody Bellinger was a giant, dinosaur-killing crater in the middle of the Dodgers’ lineup. Read more…


The Dodgers are pulling a page out of Tampa Bay’s playbook — opting for an opener in Game 5

With both the Giants and Dodgers facing elimination tonight, both teams need to put their best foot forward. The Giants are throwing Logan Webb, who also started Game 1 of this series, going 7.2 innings allowing just five hits, walking none, and striking out 10 (tied for his season high). Webb is 7-0 at home […]


The San Francisco Giants, the ones who stood out

I had about four different drafts of this in my head before I actually sitting down (or in my case, stand up, as I work in reverse) and writing it. I wanted to proclaim the Giants as the anti-rebuild success story, which they kind of are. But not wholly, because it’s one year. Read more…