Stars Who Lost ALL Their Money!

Just because they’re Hollywood royalty doesn’t mean these stars always got to live like it. Many of the world’s top celebs have wasted away millions of their hard-earned cash living overly lavish lifestyles and facing costly legal battles. OR WORSE — they never got a dime of their riches because of corrupt parents and business […]


Hollywood Keeps It In The Family — Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Related!

Secret siblings, unlikely in-laws, cute cousins! Hollywood is WAY connected — with so many celebs knowing each other, from red carpets to family gatherings! Think U know who sees each other around the holidays?! Better yet, who shares the particular same DNA!? Related: The Kardashians Are Trying To Keep Khloé Calm Admit Tristan’ s Latest […]

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ALL The Celebrity Babies Born In 2021!

With the coronavirus pandemic taking over the entire year of 2020 (and all of 2021, too, TBH) that meant many celebrities were stuck at home with nothing to do. Except each other, that is! Ha! OK but seriously, there have been SO many celeb newborns come into the world this year! Related: Pay Tribute To […]


Celebrity Splits Of 2021 — Relive All The Saddest Breakups Here!

Happily never after… During their pursuit of a fairy tale ending, lots of celebrity relationships sadly came to an end in 2021! From quick flings to love that overcame years of obstacles (and cheating scandals!), we hate to see romance fizzle and burn… But, hey, stars are just like us, and sometimes to grow into […]


Gobble Gobble Cinema — 10 Films To Devour About Thanksgiving!

Happy turkey day!! Though the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or soccer appears to be the favorite choice in TV, we could ’t count out family friendly movies to amuse prior to and after the large meal! Even though Christmas flicks always appear to dominate nowadays, you’ll find some Thanksgiving films which will provide you all […]


Celebrity Scandals We Are Thankful For At 2020!

For many individuals, “grateful ” isn’t the term that springs to mind when describing our feelings regarding this year 2020. Apparently cursed from the beginning, we have dealt a fairly awful hand using all the coronavirus pandemic, innumerable acts of social and racial injustice and police brutality, along with a really WILD election period simply […]


Each Time Kim Kardashian Has Got Defended Kanye West!

Kim Kardashian West along with Kanye West’ve shown again and again which one member of the iconic power bunch understands a thing or 2 regarding ferocious devotion! Allowed, ‘Ye directed the charge with this one by publicly telling people to **{} when he married the notorious KUWTK celebrity in 2014, that originally gained notoriety for […]


Best Halloween Movies To Get Scaredy Cats!

That is Halloween, this is Halloween… In regards to holiday screening, Halloween could have Christmas defeat for the very best assortment of psychedelic movies. The horror genre has a LOT to provide with each sort of terrifying monster, frightening villain, along with gruesome gore you can envision. But movies filled with frights are not for […]