AMD claims new Ryzen 5000 mobile CPUs best Intel for gaming, content creation

Enlarge (credit: AMD) As expected, AMD took to the CES stage this week to announce new laptop CPUs. Most of the new Ryzen 5000 mobile family of chips share similarities with the desktop CPUs the company announced a few months ago, and they’ll start shipping with laptops from some of the bigger computer-makers in February. […]


Why investors Enjoy socially responsible Firms

Once the COVID pandemic appeared as a worldwide meltdown in February and March, several investors stampeded for the exits and offered their stocks off. However one team kept purchasing: Investors from funds which focus on ESG investment , that select companies according to their own documents about the environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance.  The […]


The biggest risks and opportunities for investors in 2021

When Fortune’s Investor Roundtable met this month, business-friendly election results and positive news about potential COVID vaccines were driving stocks to new record highs. Our panelists are looking forward to helping their clients profit from an economy that might—with a little luck—be rounding back to normal in 2021.  But they aren’t without worries. Tensions between […]