Los Angeles County lawyers are still making Vanessa Bryant suffer

There’s a lot going on in California. The Golden State Warriors are on fire. Anthony Davis thinks the Lakers “ suck . ” And the Staples Center will be called the Crypto. com Arena starting on Christmas. Maybe that’s why more people aren’t focused on what’s still happening to Vanessa Bryant. Read more…


Hey, Kyrie: God’s not fixing this

Kyrie Irving is out of any kind of legitimate explanations for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine, because there aren’t any. The shot is FDA approved, millions of people have been safely vaccinated, and it’s been shown that even though vaccinated people can still get coronavirus, unvaccinated people are far more… Read more…


Model Rachel Bush espouses ill-informed anti-vaxx stance because she wants to watch Bills hubby play live

Rachel Bush wants to watch her husband, Bills safety Jordan Poyer, play football this season. She does not, however, want to get a COVID-19 vaccine. This is a problem for her, because Erie County, N.Y., is planning to require proof of vaccination to attend Bills and Sabres games this fall. Read more…


Twitter plus Also a Supercell billionaire are Financing a Fresh A.I.-focused venture capital Finance

Twitter and leading executives in Google and video game firm Supercell are one of those financing a London venture capitalist’s new fund dedicated to investing in early stage startups with artificial intelligence in the center of their business units. Benaich, Air Street’s creator and sole general partner, is a seasoned property agent investor that has […]